Uit ervaring weet ons dat sommige eienaars / bestuur van gastehuise nie Afrikaans magtig is nie, en neem ons daarom die vrymoedigheid om hierdie bladsy in Engels te plaas.


Advertise Your Guesthouse, Lodge or Hotel

to a Laser-Targeted Audience at Very Affordable Rates.



The answer is simple and straight forward. This website works extremely well for advertisers, and we have many satisfied clients who can attest to this.

Our geographically-specific website draws the attention of potential visitors who would like to book accommodation in and around Nelspruit and White River!

Tremendous increase in website visitors

Tremendous increase in website visitors

Our statistics show an exponential increase in website visitors. As a matter of fact, the number of visitors to our site over the last year increased with 41,7% (from 24,464 to 34,663 unique visitors)

Here’s a very important fact that is missed by most providers of accommodation in and around Nelspruit and White River.

Many potential advertisers think an advertisement on our site works only for a month or two before the Innibos festival takes place.  Well this is not correct. Potential visitors to the Lowveld are visiting this website throughout the year, not only for Innibos!



We want to offer you an opportunity to advertise your facilities on our website specifically aimed at our festival goers. This website is the OFFICIAL channel through which Innibos advertise accommodation to the thousands of visitors to Innibos.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get your facilities promoted to a target market who NEEDS accommodation. As mentioned earlier – accommodation for these thousands of visitors is not optional, it’s mandatory.



  • Your hotel/guest house/lodge is promoted to people who are actively looking for accommodation – thus a targeted market
  • This is not a skimpy little ad; it’s a fully fledged web page containing all the details so that visitors can book DIRECTLY with you.
  • There’s no commission sucking middle-men in this scenario. The client deals directly with you.
  • Your ad can be up and running on our website within a few short days – sometimes in less than 48 hours!
  • Each web page is optimized to be “seen” by search engines such as Google.
  • Your ad remains “live” on our website until December 2018. What this means is that you may even get bookings way beyond Innibos 2018. Why? People may find your ad through search engines!
  • Still on the topic of search engines: If you have a website, an additional backlink is created to your web address. Because Google values backlinks, this adds additional credibility to your own website.
  • Our newsletter (Tjirp!) is frequently sent out to our loyal subscribers – which has more than 4,000 readers. Subscribers are constantly reminded to visit the accommodation website to book in advance – this year will be no different, we will be urging readers to book their accommodation now to avoid last minute rush to avoid the calamity of not being able to find proper accommodation.

Can you afford NOT to be part of this excellent and unique promotional opportunity?

Seriously – just think about this for a moment…




Enough said.

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